We would like to wish Happy Holidays to all our Clients and Readers

As we are closing out this year I cannot help to think about all hopes and wishes for immigration reform that did not happen in 2013. I know that as a society we are very blessed and I am truly thankful for that. However, even with all the good things we have I cannot help to think about those who are not so lucky and who were really hoping that 2013 and its promised immigration reform would bring a resolution to their problems, if nothing more than put them on a track where they could work towards legalizing themselves and would not have to worry about the threat of deportation every day.

I think the reverence of the holiday season makes me think about families who not only feared but actually lost family members to deportation, and also about people who were detained and deported because of minor traffic violations. Even those who walk the line and go through legal petitions have suffered in this past year because of long delays in visa numbers in both the family and employment based categories. I am also reflecting about individuals who were excited about the provisional waiver opportunity but then find that the denies their provisional waiver without a good reason.
It seems that all of us who have these thought will be getting ready for the immigration reform fight in 2014, and all sides promise to work with renewed effort, but we cannot forget that 2014 is an election year for many politicians and immigration reform will be on their mind because of that reason. The effects of a broken immigration system is tragic but it could be easily avoidable with comprehensive reform, and as the year closes I hope that we can all join to advocate for true reform in 2014, and so it is my wish and hope for 2014 that same time next year we will have the opportunity to celebrate all good that can come from comprehensive immigration reform.


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