Florida is Following in the Footsteps of California with Proposals to Assist Illegal Aliens While Congress is Idling By

Last week, the Florida legislature passed two bills that are heading to Governor Rick Scott, who has stated that he will sign them. One grants in-state tuition to undocumented “Dreamers.” Another will allow Jose Godinez-Samperio, a DACA recipient and law school graduate, the ability to be a licensed attorney in the State. Jose was in Tallahassee in the gallery on the day the Florida House passed the bill. While California is gearing up to issue driver’s licenses to its illegal alien population, and already have state tuition laws enacted for undocumented students.

This is especially interesting because Governor Scott ran on a platform in 2010 that called for Arizona-type harsh laws to be enacted. Four years later, he is supporting significant pro-immigration legislation. Of course, it is election year so this movement maybe just politics but maybe some politicians are finally realizing that it is beneficial to both their political careers and to the immigrant community if such bills are passed.

Lets hope that the Congress and the Senate are paying attention to what is happening in Florida and in some other states like California and taking the states lead  move forward on immigration reform.


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